Lukas von Hohnhorst

My name is Lukas von Hohnhorst. I’m a Master of Management student at the University of Mannheim. On this website, you can learn about me and my projects. You can contact me here:


Inspired by Derek Sivers I have added a “Now” page to my website to shortly describe what I’m currently up to.

At the moment, I live in Budapest and work on several small projects. In the summer, I will return back to Germany to continue my studies.

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My current projects

The HabitSystem

My first book! During my semester abroad in San Diego I developed a system to systematically implement habits. A year later, I started writing a book about this “HabitSystem” which was released in Spring 2016, just shy of my 24th birthday.

The Study Journal

During the 3rd semester of my bachelor, I started tracking each and every of my learning sessions. I now have recored over 1000 hours of learning. The template that I have developed over time to track my learning is now available for purchase!


In August 2017, I started writing essays and articles on topics that I find interesting. At the moment, all the articles are in German, but I will start writing English articles in the future.