Study Journal | Excel Template + PDF Manual

The best template out there for students who want to raise their standards and study more effectively and efficiently

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You cannot manage what you cannot measure —Peter Drucker


  • Graphs for study time per day/type/course
  • Gain an overview of all the days of the semester and the underyling trends
  • See important KPIs at a glance
  • Medal standings to keep you motivated (see detailed description below)
  • Stock development to keep you motivated (see detailed description below)
Days of the semester
  • Define study goals for every day of the semester
  • See medals for each day of the semester
  • Gain an overview of all the days of the semester
  • Comment each day off the semester
Study sessions
  • Keep track of all your study sessions
  • Define your study types and study sub types
  • Define up to 10 courses/subjects
Motivational feature #1: Stock development

The stock development tool is one of the most effective tools to keep you motivated. Imagine you have a goal of 1h for the first day of the semester but you actually study 1.5h on the first day. This means that your stock now rises by that delta of 0.5.

  • Whenever you surpass your study goal, the stock increases.
  • Whenever you miss your goal, the stock decreases.

The current level of the stock shows the accumulated sum of deviations. A positive stock implies that you are currently above your accumulated goals—congratulations! But you have to keep the pace and hit your goals, otherwise the stock will plummet.You will find the stock to be a tool of great power. It will help you surpass your goal and keep you motivated when you’re below target because then you’ll want to push back—which is only possible if you study more than initially planned.

Motivational feature #2: Stock development

The medal standings is the second motivational tool the Study Journal provides. Depending on how much you study, you’ll get a medal:

  • 3h for bronze,
  • 4h for silver,
  • and 5h for gold.

For every day of the semester, the study time of that day is summed up. For every day with more than 3h hours of study time, you’re awarded a bronze medal. But you want to get more than bronze, right? To get silver, you need to study more than 4h per day.

It is easy to see how this keeps your motivation high. You want to collect as many gold medals as possible. However, you’ll have to keep up your pace to do so. I personally find it highly motivating to build streaks of gold medals in a row. Once you got 9 in a row, you’ll certainly want to get a 10th one.

What you’ll get

  • The Study Journal Exel file with an empty data base
  • The Study Journal Exel file with sample data (the same as used in all the screenshots), so you get an idea of how the Study Journal looks like when used properly
  • Comprehensive User’s Manual to the Study Journal as an PDF file with screenshots and explanations of features
  • E-Mail support to ask any questions or send feature requests